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Empowering Banana Farmers: Waste to Wealth

CSIR-CFTRI, a premier research institute devoted to research and development in the area of food technology. The institute has been empowering farmers, SHG (self help groups) and Mahila Swasahaya Sangha for setting up small scale industries with CSIR-CFTRI technologies. In this direction, the present workshop will be a platform for creating awareness among banana growing farmers for productive utilization and value addition of banana stem. This workshop will demonstrate how to utilize the stem for extraction of fiber, juice and conversion of the remaining pulp to organic manure.

This program provides a platform for the farmers to interact with stakeholders for the commercial utilization of byproducts. The initiative is taken up by AcSIR students as part of their academic activity under CSIR-Rural development program, involving banana growing farmers from Hadinaru village, Nanjangud taluk, Mysuru.

WWM(Waste to Wealth Model)

We envisage growers, processors and market players along with CSIR-CFTRI to create sustainable and economic livelihood.

Proposed WMM model aims at creating sustainable economic plan for banana farmers. This model is focused on creating wealth from waste generated from banana fields after harvesting the bunches. The huge biomass generated is a big challenge to convert it into economic value. Currenlty the biomass is burnt or left in the fields for decomposition which is time consuming and nonscientific. To address this problem and to create sustainable livelihood, CSIR-CFTRI propose the WMM model where in the biomass generated will be converted to fiber, juice and organic manure. A total of 30 tons of banana stem is available from 1200 plants/acre. If an SHG can coordinate the collection, processing and marketing of various products such as banana fiber, banana juice (using CSIR-CFTRI technology) and organic manure it will be a good money earning avenue and it will improve the economic status of the farming community.

Commercial Application of Banana Fiber

Banana fiber is a natural fiber with high tensile strenght, which can be blended easily with cotton fiber or other synthetic fibers to produce blended fabric & textiles. At present banana fiber has been widely used by cottage industry in southern part or India. Banana Fiber also finds use in high quality security/currency paper, packing cloth for agriculture produce, ships towing ropes, wet drilling cables etc. However, post harvest waste management is still a big challenge and labor consuming. To address this issue, fiber extraction from stem is being proposed as an alternative economical method. The yield is about 130-150kg of fiber per one acre of banana plantation and the market value of Rs 100-150/kg.

        Banana Fiber
Medicinal Applications of Banana Stem Juice

Benefits of eating bananas are well documented. However, many of us overlook the benefit of eating banana stem and stem juice. CSIR-CFTRI has developed a cost effective technology for the stem juice extraction. The shelf life of the product will be about six month and this can be blended with other fruit juices and carbonated drinks.

   Banana Stem Juice
Biocompost of Banana stem for Sustainable Organic Farming

The biomass left after extraction of fiber and banana stem juice will be converted to vermin-compost. Approximately about 25-30% of the total biomass generated from one acre of banana plantation can be converted to organic manure. This can be used as manure for the cultivation of second crop of banana or other plantations.


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