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CSIR-CFTRI Intervention in empowering the Village, Puttegowdanahundi

Puttegowdanahundi, an agrarian village which is around 25 Km from Mysuru city was selected by CSIR-CFTRI for empowerment under the Rural Development programme. Initially, AcSIR doctoral students interacted with local people and devised a strategy for intervention with the participation of SHG, Farmers group and Teachers of Govt. Upper Primary School and Anganwadi of the village Awareness to farmers on new superfood crops such as Quinoa and Chia was held initially. Useful agrarian practises were shared by students and scientists with farmers for growing these crops successfully.
Earlier, CSIR-CFTRI had facilitated a sustainable model for Chia cultivation in the Mysuru region. The Institute is trying to bring these farmers also under this arrangement. Practically there was no organised post-harvest processing in the village. A few of the housewives are involved in making Papads at their home and sold it locally. The Institute found an opportunity for empowering by establishing a Papad Manufacturing Unit. Training was arranged to two of the SHG Members in the Institute. A Leg operated Papad making (CFTRI design) and Dough Mixing machine were bought from the machinery suppliers. The team went around the village and suitable place was identified for establishing the unit.
A brief function was arranged on March 22nd, 2016 at Puttegowdanahundi, in which the machines were physically handed over to the SHGs by Prof. Ram Rajasekharan, Director, CSIR-CFTRI. The entire village consisting of farmers, Members of SHG, Teachers, Caretaker of Anganwadi, Students and village representatives were present.
Also Water filtration units, developed by another CSIR laboratory, CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar, were handed over to representative of school, Anganwadi and SHG in the function. The School was also provided with Laptops for enhancing the ICT education.
An Adulterants Test Kit was given to School for creating awareness in the children on food safety. Later CFTRI Team demonstrated functioning of the Kit to the children and Teachers of the School.


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