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Banana growers, Processors and Market Players: Stakeholders Meet on April 26, 2016

CSIR-CFTRI, a premier research institute devoted to research and development in post-harvest science has teamed up with Farmers, Industries and Govt. to empower banana growers of the Mysuru and nearby regions. Accordingly the Stakeholders Meet will be a platform for networking, understanding the requirements of each other and meeting the compliances. The Meet will address various issues faced by farmers, processors and other players. Technical know- how on product diversification will be discussed in the technical session. Also a demonstration on the preparation of diversified banana based products has also been planned. The programme is carried out under CSIR Rural Development Programme by AcSIR students as part of their academic activity.

FRIG Model (Farmers, R&D, Industry & Govt.)

We envisage the growers, processors and market players along with R&D Institutions and Govt. departments can create a sustainable livelihood model which is beneficial to all the players.

FRIG (Farmers, R&D, Industry & Govt.) Model

Potential Technologies for Diversification:
Banana Nectar and RTS Beverage

CSIR-CFTRI has developed a cost- effective technology for "Banana Nectar" from unsold and ripened fruit. Like in any fruit juice, specifications on pH (a measure of acidity of an aqueous solution), degree Brix (the sugar content) and microbial stability are addressed to make a safe and delicious product. The shelf-life of the product will be about a year and this can be used to make fruit juice or carbonated drink. Process has also been developed for ready to serve (RTS) banana beverage. Nectar is a thicker product in comparision to RTS.

Banana Puree

Banana fruit is more prone to spoilage than any others due to their nature and composition. This spoilage may occur at the time of harvesting, handling, transportation, storage, marketing and processing. Banana puree is prepared using ripened banana fruit and it is the starting material for many other product preparation. Product has a uniform particle size with adjusted pH to prevent microbial spoilage which makes the product stable for a longer period of time.

Banana Bar

CSIR-CFTRI has developed technology for preparing "Banana Bar" from ripened banana. This product is a concentrated fruit product with very good nutritive value.


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