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   Rural Development Activities

Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) under its Rural Development activities has been steering number of S&T intervention programs beneficial to different segments of the population. Also, The Academy of Scientific and Innovation Research (AcSIR), functioning within 37 national laboratories of CSIR is contributing towards this mission as doctoral students are assigned with a 6-weeks project work on socially relevant themes. Recent activities concluded under this program include:

Dakshin Bharat Krishi Mahila Jagruti- A workshop held for farmers from South Indian States

Street vendor's survey & workshop

Empowering village at Puttegowdanahundi

Banana growers, Processors & Market Players: Stakeholders Meet

Empowering Banana Farmers: Waste to Wealth

* Ongoing Programs *

Sustainable product diversification avenues for banana farmers in Hadinaru village (Mysuru District) on June 27, 2016

S&T Intervention towards quality studies of jaggery samples and food safety awareness in Mandya district

S&T Intervention towards quality studies of jaggery samples and product diversification

Village Empowerment: Networking with SHGs and school for enabling changes at Puttegowdanahundi

Testing of food articles for food safety at selected locations in Mysuru city and awareness programme for school children

Press Links

     Empowering banana farmers: Waste to        Wealth

     Banana Processing Stakeholders Meet

     Street Vendors Workshop

     Village Empowerment Programme

Summary Reports

     Study on Livelihood system, traditional        food system & food security assessment

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Rural Technologies

Village Empowerment programme

CSIR-Central Food Technological Research Institute identified one of the backward agrarian village (Puttegowdana Hundi) which is 20-25 km from Mysore city for intervening with S&T knowledge for empowering the village folks as part of the Rural Development Programme supported by CSIR-CFTRI along with AcSIR students. As their livelihood is fully dependent on agriculture, the impact of the agrarian crisis is severely felt in their overall Read more

Recently Concluded Programs..

  Empowering Banana Farmers: Waste to Wealth on June 27, 2016

  Banana Processing Stakeholders Meet on April 26, 2016

  Street Vendor's Workshop on March 17, 2016

  Village Empowerment at Puttegowdanahundi on March 22, 2016

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